I've convinced my brother to try the Linux. Now I have to choose for him simple to use distro. I was thinking Linux Mint, but I don't really know if I should get him Cinnamon or MATE.

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    I'm using Mint Cinnamon for some time now on some machines and have to say it's very easy to use.
    Introduced my father to it and he had no problems using it (coming from Windows 7).
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    Wouldn't recommend cinnamon. It works fine, but someone just introduced to Linux might be a bit put off. In my opinion, it looks very dated, like Windows vista or something.
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    @qdsp13 I've always thought cinnamon is a great intro. Alot of people say KDE is a good place but I think it's kinda "uncanny valley", while cinnamon is same enough but different enough from windows to be a great place to start!
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    Cinnamon. It's simple, fast and nice to use.
    KDE feels bloated.
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    Something with deepin or gnome, would make him stay for the design and the rest will follow.
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    KDE is lovely.
    I didn't think anything of MATE.
    XFCE was okay.
    But I've always hated cinnamon with a burning passion. That project needs to grow some sense or die.
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    @Root Why do you not like it?
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    Too tired to reply right now 🙁
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