Had my 2nd job interview.
Two of the interviewers were great, but the third interviewer was like an asshole.
Always tried to make me stuck somewhere haha

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    Boy, was that company big af.
    I felt like I was in Silicon Valley lol.
    That was their head quarters and they are in 24 other countries.
    The waiting hall etc. luxus on fleek.
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    don't lie to us.
    Bielefeld doesn't exist.
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    @metamourge oh snap. Bielefeld is actually a black hole
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    Ach, du Scheiße!!
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    One thing I noticed the most was that they were using excessive marketing "language".
    "Key facts", "head quarter", "scrum", "industrie 4.0", "iot"... the list goes on forever. Now... imagine the headache I had after the ca. 2 hours lasting interview. :)
    Most of the words had a German equivalent. Why won't you just fucking use these words?
    Is the level of coolness and being modern rise that fast when foreign trendy words get (ab)used?
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    Bielefeld, huh? I think I know the company you mean. I did an internship there myself, though not in IT ^^
    Also, glad to hear you were able of improving your working conditions, I've been wondering ^^
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    @CoffeeNcode uhmmm... no. I think you are misunderstanding it.
    I am still working for that dangerous company as an "intern".
    I applied for this post's company for an "apprentice"ship and had the second interview there.
    I would be so thankful to work there as an intern.
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    @CoffeeNcode did you do an internship in it{pause}ell<Pause>igence
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- no, that wasn't where I did mine. and I didn't assume you switched company, if that's what you think. I was merely checking your rants about what happened after the bloody picture you posted
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