Guys, what should we do about Article 13 ?

The bill passed, well, that's unfortunate. We can still scream as loud as we can that it's a very bad idea, but let's face it, it won't probably work...

Personally, I'm sick of this shit. Every year they try to "regulate" the web with a new fucked-up legislation that they actually don't understand. I don't blame them for not knowing any better, but I blame them not to surround themselves with actually competent people (and no, lobbies are NOT competent, only interested).

So there it is : I want to act on this one. With traditional, ineffective methods (petitions, mails...), but I want to get further this time.

Here are some ideas :
- create/promote a platform explicitly made for "copyrighted" stuff (basically memes). Located outside of EU. But is it enough for being outside of the law ?
- Put some physical-paper memes near the EU parliament (I live in Brussels), just to mess with them ^_^
- Make the filtering algorithms crazy by spamming them with copyrighted content. I doubt this one will have any effect though...

Any ideas ? Let's go crazy there, they deserve it.

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    Protest in front of their office? I'd go to Brussels for that :) oh and share such a fuckload of memes that they can't handle the volume anymore. What are they gonna do, manually force people to delete them because nobody will give a shit about following this ridiculous law?
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    Well have open source or creative commons memes that others are free to modify.
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    1) Vote them out of office.
    2) Petition your country to leave the EU.

    If all else fails and your country is no longer compatible with your interests:
    3) Leave the country.
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    @Root Voting them out of office might be possible, but the issue with the voting system here is that while parties are chosen by the citizens, coalitions are not. Even a bunch of unpopular parties can make a coalition and end up becoming the next government. Not sure how the European Parliament works though.. apparently it's something where the citizens vote for their political parties, and the elected parties can then send a representative? And each country can choose for themselves how the representatives are chosen..? Way too complicated >_<

    Anyway, I'm not sure if any individual MEPs like that bastard Axel Voss can be voted out. And leaving the EU.. Brexit has shown that it's a very complicated and expensive process, where the country that's leaving is penalized for doing so. Which makes me think that entering the EU is pretty much a one-way street. Belgium holding the headquarters and being one of the founders isn't going to leave, that much is for sure.. whether that's a good thing or not, I'm not sure.

    Maybe it'd be best to leave the country if shit hits the fan.. Canada seems nice :)
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    @Condor Of course they're being penalized for leaving: they went against the "will of the many." That's how "social justice" works.
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    @Condor MEPs can be voted out, they're elected by the populace of each country directly. Just that people don't bother to show up.
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    @nanoandrew4 hmm, so Germany can vote out Axel Voss? How about other member states?
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    @Condor If the dudes German, then Germany has to vote him out. States only get to vote on their representatives, not those of other states.
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