All this "political correctness" cancer spreading through the Python community at the moment over "master/slave" terminology has me wondering where will it end. When the pendulum swings will be have a pro-life movement opposed to pre-emptively killing processes? Will a branch of PETA form to oppose the taxonomic appropriation of reptilian names for the language as a whole? Are we going to need to find gender-neutral names for motherboards to avoid offending those who are offended by the oppressive digital binary? Will removing "mother" from the name motherboard invite 6th wave feminists to decry the influence of toxic masculinity in electronics? Do snake lives matter? Seriously, some people need to take a month off to go fuck themselves somewhere far far away and stop confusing "diversity" with "rampant idiocy".

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    From now on we shall only communicate with hugs and kisses and smiles.
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    Slave is bad word, python remove pls.
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    That comment... For __diversity__ reasons... I can feel my brain leaking out...

    Seriously though, half my humor is puns and dad jokes about funny computer terminology! Don't even have to be "offensive jokes" - how am I supposed to joke about the BDSM that my branches are into without the right terminology!!

    Oh, who am I kidding everything is offensive at one point or another...
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    @DevForTheMoney @norman70688 Please support my petition and latest rant, it's time we take issues like inclusion seriously and we won't make it with phallic names like python which in Spanish it's a slang for big D.

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    @norman70688 it's right there in the picture 🙄
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    It will never end until the revolution begins eating its own. Just ask Robespierre.

    The Digital Reign of Terror is nigh.
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    @BrainDrain This is not a revolution, it's plain idiocy. Why should we accept loud idiots impose what they wish on the rest? Why should we feel inclined to not oppose their proposals? I mean, it's a tiny fraction that says such things, but it feels like everyone else is frozen in front of their demands, as if they are not completely baseless.
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    color: black;
    Oh shit im a racist.
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    I think you misunderstand me.

    I don’t agree with the modification of language to conform with political fashion.

    This instance of idiocy is neither idiocy nor the revolution itself; it is a well-worn tactic of political operatives within a larger, social revolution.
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    @BrainDrain I was not attacking you, rather I took your comment as a starting point to say what I said. Many people view such things as "revolution". And I do get your reference.
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    These guys would have never survived back in the days of IDE hard drives 😂😂
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    Thank you for a voice of sanity.
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    This shit is getting real irritating. First it was games, then comics, then tabletop, and now it's starting to get loom it's ugly head on fucking work! Holy fucking shit, can we fucking put a stop on these liberal-arts/sociology/communications whatf-fucking-ever degrees losers from shitting up everything we love already?
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    Just change "master" for "employer" and "slave" for "employee" and you're done
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    Ah, but that upholds the existing capitalist regimes and as we all know, capitalism is evil! That's why we should all support communism, since communists have done nothing wrong, ever.


    Well, it is kinda hard to come up with a response to something that doesn't make any sense in a rational world.

    But I think it's not so much that the majority is frozen, the majority is just busy doing productive things with their time and only start noticing we live in a Monty Python sketch when someone gets right in their face and calls them some sort of -ist.
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