Online courses for IT training?

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    Depends. What are you looking for? Something that gives you an official cert/degree or just something for yourself to learn more?
    If you just want to learn there are a million billion options out there like Udemy.
    For a more official course it depends a bit on country, certain colleges offer online course. And of course don't forget about Microsoft certificates, aws has some stuff like that too. Same for Oracle or most things really. Just depends what youre after.
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    @Franboo thanks, I was looking towards a certificate
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    @Nerd93 In a specific language(s)?
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    @Nerd93 well I'm fairly certain there are several Microsoft certificates you can do for sql server and T-Sql. There are similar certs by oracle.
    They're not free but they are generally recognized as good certs to have.
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    @Franboo thanks I'm going to look it up!
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