My respect to front-end developers. Since I do fullstack, The con is It takes slightly longer to perfect your front or back end skills since you technically have to put 50/50 your mental energy into it. The Pro however is the appreciation/understanding you get to walk away with for both jobs.

But you really need a certain "eye" to do front end, especially when you find inspiration but you don't want to just copy their shit. Sheesh

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    copying is a great way to learn. Seriously!
    Take a screenshot of a website and rebuild it with sketch/XD/Figma.
    You'll learn about type sizes, color contrasts, image placement, grid and so on.

    and the best resource for ux/ui work is www.uxplanet.org

    best place to steal designs www.awwwards.com

    also there is a youtube chanel which refactors existing websites and you'll learn so much by watching those.
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    @heyheni for learning purposes I agree, I learned alot "borrowing" shit lol.

    I mean for an actual product. Lyft devs (just indulge me here) could learn how to style things copying Uber, but once it's game time, if they just recreate Uber aesthetics, then what good are they.

    Edit: I love Awwwards, I learned some tricks from there myself 😂
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