We had a major core router hardware failure in our LA datacenter today and every one of our services has been down since 6am, including all production servers. We have about 15,000 sites down across our entire platform. Our manager came over and told us to just go home because we need to replace the hardware and the process is expected to take all day, and we can't do any work until then because all the production servers are down. So you could say that it's been a pretty easy Friday so far! I'm headed home to play Spider-Man

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    Dunno if this is a good sign (free friday), or bad (customers start not to use your services, company goes bankrupt, you are without a job). :P
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    @aldoblack We're owned by a company that just rolls around in piles of money and we're their only subsidiary that does this type of software, but we'll have some pissed of clients for sure 😂😂
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