I found this the other day:

count1 = count1++;

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    At first semester my teacher got a bug doing that and spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out why it didn't work (as he wanted it to) until I told a mate to tell him
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    Stuff like this is only found at "what is the output" type questions
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    @ceee I swear, those are so annoying.

    "cout << x + ++x++;" type questions. Like seriously, nobody does that. If you do that, go get someone to help you bash your face in with a rusty axe.
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    @RememberMe The answer to that would be that @AlexDeLarge will something something with his throbbing something when he catches you.
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    @RememberMe obviously no one does that 😅 they are just to test the knowledge.
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    @inaba 'until a told a mate to tell him'. Duuuuuude. You remember myself on school. I was super shy to talk when I saw an error and i did the same thing. 😂
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    count1 = ++count1;
    There go i fixed it.
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    HOLY S***
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