Is there a good, free software only, security and privacy focused Linux distro out there? I am basically searching for an OpenBSD but as GNU/Linux.

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    Bonus points if it's rolling release
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    Why not just use gnu/openbsd? Privacy is more about what you do with your computer than what is installed. Just don’t use blockchain distros like redhat and you’ll be fine
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    @linuxxx Isn't this something you know something about?
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    Best for security and privacy as far as I know is Qube OS (https://www.qubes-os.org).
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    @FrodoSwaggins what is gnu/openbsd? Are all utils replaced by their GNU version? I didn't want to use BSD because it didn't feel good to me as I am used to the GNU/Linux tools. Of course security and privacy is what I do with it, but I find it nice if the OS is secure by default (like OpenBSD if i understand correctly)
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    PureOs advertises itself as such. Its based on debian. Havent actually tried it
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    @host127001 Linux distributions in general are already using BDS tools (e.g. OpenSSH).
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    @Jilano i mean stuff like dmesg or other commands that behave differently, as the BSDs follow the Unix philosophy more strictly
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    @host127001 There are definitely going to be differences, that's for sure, but it's worth the hassle if you something such as privacy / security.

    That being said, take a look at the aforementioned ones before ;)
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    @host127001 openbsd and kernel yes they have gone to great lengths to do things the “correct” way but there’s nothing stopping you from running gnu on openbsd. At least as far as nix is concerned, privacy/security is all about quality of the kernel, plus being open source, and everything that comes after that is what you do with it. Do your userspace tools have bugs in them and do you configure them properly. I guess I’m saying even though it is as simple as “more secure os” it really isnt, because changing one line of config or having an empty password would make openbsd the most insecure system ever. It’s much more about what you do with it than what it is.

    Unless it’s windows. Then it’s what it is.
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    Gentoo. Compile EVERYTHING yourself.
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    @Jilano It's like burning your pc with all the cryptominers you downloaded while searching for rare porn, over and over again. But your pc is just a disposable vm.
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