Haha. That'd actually make sense for religious people.

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    Illuminati confirmed?
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    i am a religious person and yet i am a victim of stupid religious person or cult. i was made this app which have 18 buttons, organized in 3 rows and numbered from top to bottom :
    1 1 1
    2 2 2
    . . .
    6 6 6

    and one week there are a groups from my friend's circles that chat around after church which 3 of them happens to be a worker of my client's company. when i passed by they pull jacket, pointing and yelling at me that i am cursed for using satan powers. "curse you and curse your <my app name>".

    i am converted since then.
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    I see a Turk, I ++
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    @wowotek go to English school. Pronto.
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    Besides of that, LOL.
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    @telephantasm I have seen worse
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    You don't need to be religious to see that all the top brands "coincidentally" have these symbols in their branding, marketing, etc.

    Another example is Pepsi Next Gen. Flip the can upside down and it reads:


    Another example is Monster import:

    Pull the can up to take a sip and you can see that there is a cross on the can that is now upside down.
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    @jAsE I really hope that's an attempt at humour...
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    @monr0e open your eyes.
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    @wowotek that was sarcasm if anyone didn’t get it
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    The symbols don't matter while they do what they wanted to do...
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    I've been trying to tell people for so long that chrome is the anti-christ. Now I have proof.
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