Some random coworker has been asked to setup tests for the framework written in Java and the GUI is a web app that comes with the framework.

Since he doesn't know any language we work in, he decided he would do it in Python. When I asked him why introduce Python and he replied with "it doesnt matter which language it is because it is going to run on selenium"

I told him to either use Java or Javascript for selenium because when he leaves we should be able to maintain the tests and not first figure out what the hell you wrote in Python

He didnt understand and is going to go with Python anyway

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    He is an idiot.
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    May be he was not comfortable with Java!?
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    @Nawap Imo he should not work on it if he is not comfortable with the stack or just adapt to it
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    I agree , he is a wrong fit!
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    Use Cypress instead of selenium.
    So much faster to write tests
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    @musician Well actually I would go with Protractor since it is an angularjs web app.

    But Cypress looks very promising with the time travel
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    Why would you hire this person in a Java shop if he doesn't know/refuses to write in Java?
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    This is not about choice of the language. The problem is in his/hers disobedience.
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    @LilDev Cypress looks nice.
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