LastPass or 1Password for teams?

Other suggestions are welcomed but need to pick on of the above.

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    Don't trust cloud services with your passwords, are you insane?
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    I've used KeePass, and it was nearly unusable because of hundreds of bugs. Switched to 1password immediately, it works like a charm!
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    @jackconnorhull Excuse me, what? I never encountered a bug in KeePass ever since I used it. Did you use KeePassXC?

    Also makes me wonder, @linuxxx, what you use?
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    @PrivateGER My brain haha, I don't use password managers.

    And I nearly entirely agree with you on the online providers part; when they're open source and use solid crypto/security algo's/libraries etc and are vetted successfully, I'd deem them okay enough to use.

    When they're proprietary/closed source I avoid them like the fucking plague (1password, laspass etc) because no way in hell I'd trust proprietary(online) bullshit with my passwords.
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    Why is everyone saying don't use a cloud? It just isn't practical. Just make your own bitwarden server. Don't need to trust third parties
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