Is it just me, or has @LastPass hired too many interns lately?

First: you can't login for hours before they actually go and admit they fucked up.

Now: the chrome extension has been deleted from the web store.

I'm a patient guy, but what on the unholy fuck is going on.

The LastPass extension in the Chrome Web Store was accidentally removed by us and we are working with the Google team to restore it ASAP. Thank you for your understanding and patience in the meantime.

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    It took me multiple goddamn days to reset my fucking password when I tried it, the browser addons are horrible.
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    safari -> keychain user here 🤗

    Chrome extensions are now reviewed before publish ?

    When I was developing one it was instant.

    They fucked so much deleting by accident or they fucked up with passwords.
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    @vane keychain I thought was good.
    But apps like WhatsApp/Facebook/Messenger have access to the same keychain as each other. Which is off putting.

    I've been using lastpass for a few years now, and although the UI is shit, it's been reliable cross browser/device. Up until a few days ago.

    @linuxxx yea can't lie there, they are only good for accessing the passwords. Any account management really should be done directly for this lot.
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    I switched to KeePass from LastPass and store my database on my own root server. Works like a charm, haven't had any problems with that setup.
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    Switch to BitWarden.
    LastPass has become a dumpster fire since it has been aquired by LogMeIn.
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    I changed to 1Password some years ago and never had to look back.
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    ive switched to bitwarden. ill leave LP in place for a while until im confident all my accounts came over correctly.

    that csv lastpass creates is a mess and a half.
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    @sashahilton00 for what I'm using it for, I don't have 1GB of passwords, nor do I need it for enterprise use.
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