I wonder if the support girls at this domain registrar company are real girls or just a fake front to appeal to the customers.

The ones I have chatted with so far have russian names.

If they are real girls, that's pretty cool. I appreciate girls in IT industry.

But if they are fake profiles, that's quite shitty of them to manipulate customers like that.

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    are u trying to say girls are only used as objects for a higher sales boosts
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    @SukMikeHok I didn't say that. But I have seen people and companies doing that.
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    @HoloDreamer Definitely. Moral is good and shit, but that's not efficient to make money.
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    what a sad world we live in
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    I most of the domain department at work is females
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    Hot horny Russian developers want YOU! Click now!
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    @Jilano yep maybe one of the reasons why most airlines don't give opportunity for guys to get job as flight attendants. Nobody gives a fuck about gender discrimination there.

    I would have loved to be a flight attendant but only one airlines in my country even allows males to attend that interview, but they are struggling nowadays. I'm actually planning to give an interview next year. I hope that airline is not gonna shut down by then.
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