I have always made a distinction between a coder/programmer and a developer.

Do you think there is a difference?
If so: how?

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    There are difference, well they all have same work to do. Coder and programmers are some what same, they have to code programs. And a developer upgrade or make the program better..
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    A programmer writes code. Anyone can write code.
    A developer solves problems.
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    Developer => A person who develops (creates) something (apps, homes). (he uses code to solve pc problems)
    Programer => A person who writes code. (makes code to solve problems)

    In my opinion (in context of devrant, coding, programming) both of those terms are the same.
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    I dont thing there is a difference but everybody say otherwise so IDK
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    You could use them interchangeably.
    A coder simply writes code based on own or others knowledge and experience (think copy/paste) and developer has more generic and advanced capability to solve problems, create new algorithms or other (creative or technically intelligent) solutions.
    The same discussion could be made for software architects, software engineers, etc.
    Neither of these terms uniquely and unambiguously describe the skill/job and they overlap in a lot of areas.
    Terms were invented as marketing crap and became status symbols, they have little practical value. In the end, it all depends on an individual skill and capability.

    Such generalized distinctions are often very useless for practical intents and purposes.
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    I believe a coder codes, a programmer programs and a developer develops but correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Coder = HTML & CSS'ers (i.e. what you made doesn't do shit)

    Programmer = Anybody thats uses a language to actually accomplish a task, no matter how simple (i.e. a simple "click this button" when you click it a dialog box opens up.) I believed that's programming.

    Developer = Anybody who can look at a situation or problem then create something to remedy it from concept to final product. There's some sort of methodology going on(I.e. you create a webapp or even a calculator)

    In other words:

    Coder = "Hello World"

    Programmer = "I made a function that can tell a user their weekly pay based on their input"

    Developer = "I created a webapp that tells you your expected income for the remainder of the year and creates a budget based on the results"
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