Thanks a lot NVidia... Kinda feels like this is becoming a weekly thing for me 🙄

(Also tfw you find your backup-file in the trash-directory of the ext. harddrive)

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    Could be worse - your backup could've gone miss-... oh right.

    Overall I find this ironic because the nvidia drivers and software has been the one consistently working thing for me while I've been wrestling with window managers, Wayland and X server... like - I can throw a monkey wrench at it and it'll just use it, meanwhile, attempts at adjusting anything else so it would play along with the changes on nvidia, seems to invoke defcon 1 where the system just nukes itself out of spite.

    Meanwhile, on my laptop, with a ATi graphics card (hybrid graphics too - a crime against humanity), anything to do with graphics whatsoever, is broken, missing or partially functioning.

    So in short, my experience with nvidia on Linux distros (and Windows OSes for that matter) has been fucking amazing. My ATi axperience, however, feels like I'm working with IE6...
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    @theKarlisK In all fairness, I am probably at least partially to blame for that one. I wanted to try out the new and shiny Steam Play on Debian. I was running the NVidia drivers from the non-free repository (Version 390 or something like that) without any problems. However, Steam Play wanted the newest drivers directly from the NVidia website (V396 I think). So I downloaded the .run file, killed my lightdm manager and tried to run the .run file... And that's when shit hit the fan. Something with the Kernel not being able to load some module and thus not being able to install the driver. In the end I had two half-installed drivers (repo and .run file) and no GUI. No matter what did, something was yelling at me how I done fucked up...
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    FYI: defcon 1 means everything's fine.
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    I think your screen's bent ;)
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    @bahua really?... My whole life it's been a lie! 0.o
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    @gathurian I was running Fedora with nvidia drivers, 392 I think ... for the most part everything was working fine except when I tried to adjust the xconfig, so that my main (left) monitor was the primary monitor, and the secondary monitor was 'Rightof' that primary monitor... I'd get Syatemctl stuck on loading during startup, or just present me with a black screen for an infinite ammount of time. That and my keyboard kept switching from unicode to US, which prevented the numpad from functioning properly.. somehow.
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