Help needed : Macbook Pro i5 2018 with 16go of ram or Macbook Pro i7 2018 with 16go of ram, I will use this computer mainly for coding so I won't be doing any video editing
PS : both of them are 13 inches
What do think I should chose?

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    No video editing? Don't bother with a pro model. Do they still do standard models with 16gb memory?
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    The i5 for sure, the i7 is kind of overkill with Mac OS, I can't recommend my base 13 inch 2018 touchbar model enough.

    But as @monr0e said, you may not need the pro model unless you really need it's features like iris graphics, the quad core CPU and multiple USB C ports.

    And also what sort of programming will you be doing because you may not even need the 16 GB of ram, but this is incredibly dependant on your use case
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    @monr0e I don't think so :/ and the Macbook Air is so outdated
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    How much is the price between those two?
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    @devTea about 300 euros
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    @numb3rs well if you got a lot of money then getting the best isn’t that bad. You won’t go through “Ah I wish I get a higher or better quality one”

    Although I don’t know how durable a macbook air is as there is plenty of rumours saying it’s break easily
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    @numb3rs I wouldn't go for a MacBook at all unless you need to develop for iOS -- go for a cheaper windows laptop with an i5 + 16gb ram and install Linux, or go for a Chromebook -- they're getting Linux support.
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    @lxmcf They still sell the 2017 13” MBP with 16GB RAM, i5 and 512GB SSD without the TouchBar but with better battery life.
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    @lastNick yeah but as much as it may be minor, the T2 chip and extra cores really do make the difference worth I think
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    @lxmcf It depends. I have two of these 2017 MBP because I need battery life and didn’t know about the T2 chip till now and I don’t miss it.
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