I wont take privacy laws seriously as long as my pizza delivery service needs a fucken phone number as mandatory field.

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    Well, It does seem more than relevant to me that a service that is supposed to deliver something to you need a contact information such as a phone number.
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    @Jilano i forgot to mention, they need my email, too.
    And i get updates about my delivery via email.
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    @nitwhiz so? I am used to it that they call me when they say, don't know which entry to use
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    @CoffeeNcode ah damn, i can see that.😅
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    @CoffeeNcode I feel you. For a while for whatever reasons, my official address was "24-26 route de Lyon...".
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    Full disclosure, i see reasons to have me give them my number. For me, it's just funny how a logged ip seems to trigger people more than a mandatory phone number. Where the latter is a way more personal detail.
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    +1 (xxx) 555-1212
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    the super boring reason is: so they can call you in case you are a new client (to verify that you are an actual person) there are a lot of joksters ordering pizza to (a) bogus places (b) other people.

    second boring reason: so they can call you in case of missfunctioning bell, unclear position of door or just confusing layout of the residence (think 3 backyards in a row)
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    @BurnoutDV or to tell you that they don't deluliver to your city after half an hour :(
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