Realising if you'd only studied a degree in computing, you would be useless in the real world as a developer

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    that's damn right, waste of 4 years time
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    (bootcamps for the win)
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    I've studied CS, but only for a few months, cuz it didn't go too well combined with full time dev job. Now I'm studying Project Management 😁
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    Well that's what I did, I went to a hands on school, so I left school with basic programming knowledge
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    Honestly, you couldn't pay me to go to college for CS.

    I have progressed far enough into my career, that getting it accomplishes absolutely zero for me in terms of hireability/promotability, compensation or skill.

    The only reason I wish I had attended formal schooling is because there are things that I do in code, which have terminology associated that I am ignorant of. For example, I have camelCased my code for many years, but only in the last couple years learned the term "camelCase."

    If vocabulary and a piece of paper is all I stand to gain from tens of thousands of dollars in schooling, I'll pass.

    Further, I have hired/worked with far too many new degree-holders who were absolutely worthless, and had far too many arguments with instructors who would rather have it done their way than the right way, to see the value for somebody who already has their foot in the door. Or, in my case, an established career.

    Aptitude and experience trumps paper in my experience in this industry.
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    @purged as pretty much a noobie, your comment felt like a kick in the ass to start new projects on the side and start learning. But that I'm so struggling to learn OpenCL - or just gaining momentum in general. Anyways, thanks
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