Just got my masters degree in AI
Now it's time to relax and work on my old old projects that i left 😊

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    All those projects. All of them. They're like books, movies, and videogames.

    The TODO: list for them always gets bigger.
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    @Ellis yes at first i was keeping actual todo list for works and movies but i even left that list incomplete.
    So, what's up people? Am i missing something intresting?
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    @Ma30h Well Linus Torvalds is taking a "break" to understand peoples emotions, some linux maintainers are leaving because of linux's changes to their code of conduct, Linus' daughter signed a manifesto asking for meritocracy to be thrown out the window (https://postmeritocracy.org), and Python is ditching master/slave termonology for parent/child because they might hurt people's feelings.

    It's been a crazy week. All this happened in this week.
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    @Ellis wow all of them are fucked up and it's just for one week
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    @Ma30h Yep. But wait! It gets worse!
    The EU proposed a law where the owners of URLs can make you pay for the use of them, and a law where they essentially apply the youtube copyright filter to everything on the internet.

    They both passed without being watered down in the slightest.

    They're getting a final vote on it sometime next year.

    That was a week tomorrow when we found that gem out.

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    @Ellis well i'm going back to my cave, at least when i didn't know these i had some hop in the world
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    @Ma30h Yep. Shit's been fucked for a few days, and Open Source is taking a right pounding at the moment.

    But hey, I won't leave you with nothing, have a cute snake pic.
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    @Ellis I need more of your 45 second "what else is fucked in the world" updates punctuated by cute animal pictures
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    @Ellis you’re good with writting summaries
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    @ModernShoe Might not be able to do 45 second "shit's fucked" regularly, but I do have a folder of snakes being cute 😆
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    @devTea Thanks, that's nice of you to say :)
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    Congrats. I'm almost over there. Wrote my thesis in just two weeks, and I'm going to defend it in a couple of days. Already exhausted.
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