I've just made an attempt to fix the Python repository in response to that ridiculous master/slave PR. Please support the issue! You can find it at https://github.com/python/cpython/.... Thanks!

Issue got immediately locked. I'll try my best to maintain a community fork at https://github.com/toloveru/cpython. Fucking pieces of shit they are.. seriously, if at all possible, do not use my repository. Just stop using Python altogether. This is madness.

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    @JKyll you may be interested in this.
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    So it turns out, you were blocked by the masters you pesky little slave!
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    @C0D4 Ironic, isn't it? :')
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    You mad lad! Awesome PR too bad they blocked it, so much for inclusion and diversity of opinion.

    Seeing who declined I couldn't resist, such a smug face, the face of diversity.
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    @JKyll hahaha, I know right? I loved the guy's mug, the diversity and social justice is just dripping off of it! Quite interesting how all his commits and contributions seem to be from last week by the way. Maybe he's a new member.. in issue #9100 there seems to be quite some internal conflict about the acceptance of that issue too. Maybe there's still hope... Well, a white cis man can dream, right?
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    @Condor W-was it a man?! I could swear it's just a feminist reassembling woman...πŸ€”
    Oh well who am I to judge I'm a cis male and ugly.
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    @JKyll OMFG, thanks for the laugh, ahahaha! I'm literally grinning here like an idiot at that comment, lol! But for us ugly cis males.. this true Alpha is definitely a prime example that we've gotta abide by :3 he knows da wae to social justice!!! HE KNOWS DA WAE TO GETTING DEM GIRLS!!!
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    To avoid any unnecessary "mean" words or even being labeled whatever they could think of with their two and a half neurons, I'll just say this: Damn.

    Thank you for trying though!
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    I am citing my predecessor: Damn.
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    Fix a Python? D..
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    😘 to you @Condor

    I have given Up, glad to see some warriors
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    @Linux it's probably time for Master @Condor to find some Slaves to accomplish this
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    I'd love to see hundreds of PRs that all revert the changes πŸ˜‰ Though it could become a nuisance, IMO this much bigger nuisance needs to be killed immediately.
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    Or also somehow infiltrate Python and reopen and merge this without question, the same way they closed it without discussion.
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    @daegontaven Hastings the madman
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    @irene don’t step on snek
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