Hired a dev with everything he asked for on interview.
Started on Monday.
Take half day leave on Tuesday.
Informed his resignation on Wednesday.

For fuck sake, please don't do that people. For your mother and grandmother and great great grandmother sake. Please just don't.

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    Don't pay a mofo like that, and if possible shove a contract down their face saying that they should work for X amount of time more, if at all possible. Rag them down to shit during that period. They deserve it.
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    Interesting there must be another side to this story.
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    @skprog I'm also very interested to hear that another side.
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    in business

    you are going to die

    without a contract
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    @SukMikeHok our employee contract is like 20 pages if I'm not wrong. But he didn't sign it yet. We gave an orientation on first day and let them sign the next day.
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    Wanna read more hiring stories and tips on dR. Have my ++ for letting your frustration out.
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    I read it as:

    - Worked Monday.
    - Interview on Tuesday evening.
    - Starting new job on Wednesday with better pay.
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    @hell possible bro. That's what some of my colleagues thought as well.

    We agreed to his asking salary which is even a little bit more than our range. So why did he bother coming for 1.5days to us if he has better options in pipeline?
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- I had a lot :3 and will have more in future as well considering the level of people in my country.
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    @cursee perhaps he received the propose only after he started in your company, it happened to me, but I did not accept the other offer
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    @mattLopes kudos to you brave man. 🤗
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    @irene hmm, could be...
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    @Condor we have 3 months probation period as a general term. But 1.5 days of probation period is silly -.-
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    Or your codebase scared him away lol
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    @taigrr I assigned him a new project :3
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    Maybe he realized he liked his old job better. And just used your company's offer as a bargaining chip with his old employer so they would stop holding him back. And treating him like a useless piece of shit. You know like how hiring managers sometimes have fake interviews to make it look like they care even though they already have a person selected
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    You didn't "hire" him unless he signed a contract.

    Almost every dev alive, attends more than one and at least two interviews when making a switch, because industry paying standards are crap and it pays to have options. I don't see anything wrong with him picking a better option over you if he had one.
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    @cursee My contract has exactly 3 Pages and that in Germany
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