When you reduce a function from 16 lines to this, you know ES6 is in good hands now.

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    You can do
    const { years, period_types } = this

    Shortening by one more line😃
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    @leksyib that's cool, i always love to learn such shortcuts
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    The sick thing about this is, imo it even improves readability.

    In perl for example such one-liners get plain black magic pretty fast but in js, with implicit returns, object deconstruction and stuff you understand it even better.
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    I would avoid side-effects by making years and period_types and all_periods arguments of this function. Makes unit-testing much easier as you are not dependent on an object state.

    Aim for pure functions.
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    @k0pernikus probably a class method
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    And they say they hate js... ^_^
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    @k0pernikus nice, though it's Vue so it's easier that way
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