Have been working on a project for a year, something that wasn't out yet, and I am very close to finishing it... Just heard that a company has been developing the software for two years and is about to be done. #FML

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    That doesn't mean theirs is better.
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    Yep, I've been in the same situation quite recently and have still seen some good initial success.

    While first to market is good, set yourself apart by being better.
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    There's also the opportunity to observe their product launch and learn a few dos and don'ts. Get on their mailing list :)
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    @pixeltherapy I was honestly thinking of just giving up on this and look for another project to start on but you and @purged are right I just have to look for something that my software has that theirs doesn't and that could be my selling point
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    @rodluz that's the spirit! You've gone this far with it, don't give up just when it could be a home run. 👍🏻
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