10/10 marketing, tbh

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    @Floydian Apple doesn't ruin anything though -- they don't hold a monopoly, you're not forced to buy an iPhone.

    I have a slight preference for Android, but if it was the only mobile OS, that would be quite scary as well. We don't need Apple to die, we just need a solid third player....

    A good modern phone running a variety of Linux mobile distros. I'm considering buying the Librem 5 just for that reason, even if it's going to be somewhat outdated by the time it's built.
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    I hope it's USB
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    @Floydian They created the smartphone concept ten years ago, and now they are ruining it for the sake of money...
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    You can just not buy it. Why people doing it such a big deal every time apple releases new products. It's a free market. And on a free market the goal is to make money. So I don't get why the fun boys and the hate boys keep saying the same thing for years. Just accept it.
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    tl;dr "you can just not buy it" will not be an option if all the other imbecile companies copy them

    You guys saying "you can just not buy it" probably doesn't see the point. Apple introduced the smartphone as we use it today, they are considered trendsetters, all the other companies copy them because of that, while sometimes they make also better phones. This is why people are criticising apple, cause they have the responsibility to set a trend and what they do, casually fucking with backwards compatibility (3,5mm jack, usbs, shitty updates) or the notch and the other fucktard companies just copy this "trend"
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    @Floydian why so much hate bro? It's their company, their choice, their decision.
    They aren't doing anything illegal. They aren't forcing their iphones into your ass. No matter how much you shout, their trillion dollar market cap won't drop.
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    @Floydian yeah I put that username so that people arguing me don't feel insulted. Btw can you name a SINGLE thing which Apple did illegal?
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    @Floydian generally I refrain from engaging in discussions like this.. but essentially it's freedom of choice. Apple is indeed shit and I think that Huawei made a great insult to the sheeples there. But then, in the mobile technology industry, every manufacturer and OEM has shitstains unfortunately. It's just that Apple is criticized for it more. I'm by no means the target user of Apple devices as I like tinkering, but I can see why people would want to buy a phone that "just works". Expensive, shitty boards.. but they nonetheless "just work".
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    @Floydian sorry, man, I have to disagree with you.

    Yes, I don't like Apple design trends, I think they're goddamn annoying, especially when they get rid of industry standard things like 3.5mm jacks and OpenGL and basically try to chart their own path.

    Your cost figures are completely off base though. You're not accounting for the bill of materials, marketing and market research, logistics, patent royalties, software and firmware development costs, and a million other ancillary costs. Though it's true that Apple makes outrageous profits per device compared to competitors.

    Apart from the design squiggles I actually like Apple devices, they last and stay relevant and supported for a very long time (especially with the battery upgrades). I'm an enthusiastic user of an iPad 4 (for GarageBand) that has lasted in working condition for like half a decade. Also, ridiculously fast hardware.

    (Minus recent QC issues and questionable Mac hardware)
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    @Floydian I'm sorry man but I have to agree with @bittersweet here. (not sure how much you agree with him, though 😅)
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    Here in The Nwtherlands, Samsung gave away some S9's in a town called "Appel" (Appel is the dutch word for Apple) a few days or so ago :^)
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    Hope they include the right cable or adapter dongle.
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    I’ve been an android user for 10 years, but I decided to switch to the XS to see how things are. One thing I’m really impressed with is battery life. Specwise the batteries aren’t big, but they’re much better optimised. I get similar battery life from the XS and the Pixel 2 XL, even though the latter has almost 25% bigger battery.
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