Why do people want their webpages to be compatible with IE? Who cares? It is used by 1% to download a browser. Moreover, Edge is out. It's like writing a decent port or even a native game for Linux. Never pays off.

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    Companies with customers. We just cut off IE8 support last month. While we don't officially support it and it doesn't look prefect our site still seems to work at least down to IE 7. If we have enough paying customers using a certain browser in our analytics we support it.

    I admit, anything I do personally I don't test in IE at all. I am so happy Microsoft released Edge to at least meet standards compliant development. I don't feel like I have the Windows browser gun to my head anymore.
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    For one of my larger clients, all the stakeholders are using IE 10 or 11 ... sucks, but it is what it is. Even though *their* customers are overwhelmingly not IE users ... they think if it looks funny for them, it looks funny for everyone.
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    while we've only had < 1℅ of traffic this fiscal year (March - now) come from ie9, it's contributed a sizeable (I can't say how much. but it's a very large number) in sales from IE9 alone.
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    Having to support IE is the most frustrating thing ever. The net as a whole needs to just start blocking it on principle. Upgrade now. Firefox is free. Chrome is free. Opera is free. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why anyone should be using IE.

    Anything I build will simply block IE and give a notification that you need to upgrade your browser with links to the above 3.

    Fuck Micro$oft for inflicting this scourge on the technology world for 2 decades now.
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    Our policy used to be (working for a fairly big internet company) : if it's below 5% usage, we don't support it.
    But there are always exceptions, for example if you target people in administration, banking etc. where people just cannot upgrade their browser because of conservative (ahem) IT policies...
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    You are very wrong on the 1% value there. You cannot rely on statistics. Statistics can be very misleading.

    Most people never care to install a different browser if they have no interest in Web tech, and some corporates/goverment that don't allow the user's rights to install any additional software.

    The largest part of our client base all use Internet Explorer.

    Anyway the bottom line is check your user statistics and see what they are using when visiting your site.

    I would strongly suggest that your website is functional on IE.
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    Large companies will not move off IE in the near future. Huge installed base. In my opinion we still have to support it.
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    Its our own fault.

    The lack of balls and arguments among those high enough in corporate hierarhy to slam the table and enforce using normal browsers.

    And because every poor soul try to be backward compatible all the way to the '90 we basically enable those suited idiots...
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    Spot on. If everyone doing web dev right now said that's it, we're blocking IE with a message that says you need to upgrade to a mainstream browser, all these suit wearing morons would switch over. Instead we keep falling over ourselves to enable their idiocy and we suffer because of it. Total BS.
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