So, idiot me decided it would be a good idea to never get around to configuring my UPS to gracefully shutdown my server after a powercut lasting more than x duration...

Long story short, we had a powercut that lasted 4 minutes or so longer than the battery in the UPS could keep the server up for...

UPS died, server went pew, and after rebooting itself once the power came back on, my raid array wouldn’t mount anymore...

After Googling around, it seemed like running e2fsck would solve the problem.

Didn’t seem to do the trick... and tired me at 3am decided it would be a good idea to poke around.

Pretty sure I ran a command wrong, or two, because now I can’t even mount the fricken array in read only, and fsck complains with a shit ton errors...

Been researching for hours, and no dice...

Test Disk shows the ext4 partition, but fails to list any files...

I may have destroyed the tables or something... I’m a noob at this point.

I’m able to access files with the RStudio tool, however this doesn’t help with file names and directory structure 😭

Is it all over for my 5 years worth of photos and other bits and pieces that I don’t have any backups of ? 😂😭😭

If any of y’all are pros with data recovery and can help a fellow boi out, I’d be more than happy to pay for ya time !

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    "Poor server, it went pew :("

    Can't help you much myself, but @Condor, @Linux, @linuxxx might have some magick tricks, since they like to break things :D
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    I wish I could help, but I dont know actually.
    What Raid Card did you use? If any
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    Not sure about data recovery other than that I've mitigated that by using btrfs, because some ass at the previous place where I lived kept on tripping the goddamn breakers (which crashed my server about a dozen times)... If you have the space for it, ddrescue it to somewhere safe just in case, and continue recovery attemots from that backup. Or if you could grant SSH access to something that can reach the borked drives, I can have a look at it for something like €20/h or so? I can generate a VPN profile to one of my servers for you so that there's no messing around with port forwarding etc required.
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