Can someone explain to me how Microsoft with their C# is considered the greedy one in this day and age?


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    I think Oracle have been considered greedier than Microsoft for a while now, and the latest Java fiasco has pretty much cemented that. It just sometimes takes people a while to "catch up" with all that's going on in the tech world.
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    It has been considered greedy for a while my dude....

    But at the same time it has been giving open JDK far longer than Microsoft had ever considered going the open sourced route so there is that :]
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    @AleCx04 They inherited it from Sun, and there would have almost certainly been a fork in development if they'd have stopped (with them losing control of the majority of users) - so I don't think their motives are completely pure there either :-)
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    @AlmondSauce by all means you are correct and I agree with you as far as motives are concerned. But the fact remains that the openjdk could have been halted regardless of fork and then prosecuted because of the same bs and they still didn't do it and continued with the open model whereas Microsoft didn't till waaaay later.

    As far as being a supporter of open source, Microsoft is doing pretty good in my book. Then again, I am not a stickler for open source albeit I do appreciate it.
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    Thats some nasty shit. Lets all hate oracle instead of microsoft!
    But wait.
    Oracle changed? Did microsoft became less greedy?
    So we need to hate them both.
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    @hubiruchi They aren't equally bad, I think Oracle is way worse - especially after Google fiasco
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