Android development is so frustrating. Seriously, Android studio is such a bloated piece of... I found that is easier to make apps in open source game engines rather than that headache of a software. On the other end, most of these engines are not supported by my budget laptop because it doesn't have OpenGL...

I just want to give up sometimes.

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    Agreed. I stopped developing for Android because of that
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    Try development on eclipse.
    You might like it. It is relatively lighter.
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    Are you running on windows or Linux distro?
    I used to work on windows.It was very slow.So I shifted to Ubuntu and set memory parameters high enough (Google how to make android studio run faster­čśť) and now it's pretty quick to what it used to be. Also you can configure the gradle build to make it build faster ( seriously Google it there are so many tips for this like gradle deamon and other tips ).
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    My problem I guess is that my budget laptop is not meant for this. I have to try it on my Linux partition though.

    Still I'm sure 4gb ram is not enough.

    I did try with eclipse but from what I noticed there isn't much support for it anymore.
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    @IceCoolTea Try it in Linux and tell me the results. I think 4 gb should be enough .
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    @Batdroid just managed to get it on fedora. I'll report back later today.
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    @IceCoolTea cool. waiting for your analysis.
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