I've heard about some of the ridiculous requirements that some companies have in job postings and always thought that they're probably over exaggerating a bit.

Holy shit was I wrong.

I've taken a look at the positions that they have posted for my coop program and while I understand that my college was not the only one posted to for these, they seem pretty extreme at times. There were a few postings that required several mountains of web frameworks and experience that unless you did a lot of self study prior or had previous professional work experience would have been impossible.

We're students, a lot of us have never touched an IDE prior to our program so to ask us for in some cases years of experience in a language or tool that I have never even heard of, nor have even been even vaguely mentioned by profs, seems a bit much. I have had years of experience in a fair variety of tools and languages but even for me this seemed a tad bit unreasonable. Not all of the postings require this much prior experience in the field so I can apply to some.

The professor teaching the preparation course says they can't understand why people apply for the coop program then don't apply to positions. While I understand there are people who might not apply due to laziness or an overflow of assignments, I feel like a good chunk just can't find any positions that they may be partially qualified for.

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    The person who started creating nodejs once came across a job posting but he didnt have enough years of experience with nodejs. He told them in a phone interview he didnt got the requested requirements. He was denied the job because of it (not that he wanted it). Then he explained he was the original creator of nodejs and that they just denied him te job because of a lack of experience with the tool he created.
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    Totally agreed.
    That's why we have such a lack of genius programmers and inovation in the last few years.
    No space for the new.
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    @TirloniC Exactly, just give us a chance and we might prove ourselves worthy of your block-chain AI machine learning big data software development position.

    Also welcome to DevRant, may your rants be forever long and insightful with a hint of negativity and a lot of humor.
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