I'm expecting my StackOverflow questiion to get shut down and some mod to want to piss on my corpse ( https://stackoverflow.com/questions... ) so I'll ask this here too. Anyone set up the open source Jenkin in a DR environment? I'd like an Active/active hosting solution but everything I read points to Cloudbee's... Post your answer on SO if you want, I'll vote up whatever looks good, but in case it does get shut down by the assholes with a god complex, please @ me :)

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    So... This type of question shouldn't be on Stack overflow, maybe on some other stack exchange website

    Edit: like DevOps
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    Whosoever gave your question a close vote is actually right. You can move this question to server fault. You will get good answers there.
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    @py2js looks like it hasn't been closed yet. Wasnt sure which to put it on but I saw similar questions on stack overflow. Thinking about it now server fault does make sense
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    @AL1L /r/devops would be of great interest to op also
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    @AL1L there's one for devops? Didn't know that
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