Figured I’d just apply for a job in Munich (i’m belgian), didn’t think anything would come of it and now they want a skype interview with me and i have absolutely no clue of what to expect from skype interviews

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    Expect live sex, and if that doesn't happen, you will be disappointed for that, not for flunking (hope not) the interview.
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    Expect low quality and compression distortions
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    All of the above plus might not work at all. Happened to me a few times and we ended up doing a phone call.
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    Yeah usually you switch telco platforms twice or even thrice before someone suggests a regular phone call.
    But I guess it's still a good sign, though
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    Expect lots of
    Can you hear me?
    Are you still there?
    I ** sor***** audio is clip**ng*
    Did it freeze?
    I'll call you back.
    Can you turn your speakers down a bit?
    Just a minute, I'll sign out and in again...
    *Mimics - no audio*
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    Skype interviews seem like a whole lotta fun ..
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