Ask fairly technical SEO question on Stack Exchange. Only response is a comment telling me it's be easier to do it differently and use HTML instead of Javascript.

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    Have you tried using jQuery?
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    @StefanH I can get dynamically rendered JSON+LD to be picked up by Google's Structured Data Testing tool. But if I delay injecting it til window.onload is called it doesn't get picked up anymore.
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    Have you tried not to use Stackexchange as instant answer machine and waiting some days?

    No, you didn't even try to wait some hours.
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    @Fast-Nop I wasn't after instant help just don't need smart arse comments that don't answer the question. It has since been solved anyways.
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    @StyxOfDynamite Yeah, and it was solved already TWO HOURS after you asked. Obviously, you did think of SE as instant answer machine - as your mistagged rant here proves. Next time, give it a week and see whether no useful answer arrives.
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    Do you have a sadistic streak?

    That comments both cruel and hilarious.
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