Im amazed by people ranting on CoC, whining that is end of the meritocracy but at the same time have nothing against kicking out Hans Reisers legacy. After all ReiserFS is a fine piece of software. It's just that his aspie took over as he killed his wife. Where were those wankers when Reiser was going to prison? They could do great job on forking, renaming and supporting reiserfs. But no, it's easier to cry about sjw and stuff, than saving neat code.

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    That's exactly what I wanted to do here :D
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    It's decline started that time. Noone wanted to use fs after the sentence.
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    Well, ReiserFS lacked a killer application, I guess.
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    What's the killer application for xfs?
    Having killer developer is not enough?
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    @mt3o If the lead developer is out of the project all of a sudden, neither even reachable, and no kind of handover, the associated company going out of business - yeah, that's a pretty strong reason why a project can fail.

    As for the technical aspects, I'm sure you can look up the WP page.
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    @Fast-Nop you took out all the fun :(

    Honestly speaking, yes, I agree. Nevertheless, everyone saw that coming. And no people wanted to work with him and be associated with the murderer. Company was still operating, it still is, but it's dying. Reiser4 is still maintained, but it will never be mainstream again.
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    I'm continually amazed at how blind people are.
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    That's a bit ... I am searching for a word here ... shortsighted? ReiserFS was great at its time, but when Hans went to jail it already was a bit aged, and he already had first versions of Reiser4 out.

    Then he wouldn't be allowed to work on Reiser4 in jail, and others took over maintenance, but that needed time to start rolling.

    Now there is btrfs, zfs, ext4, xfs ... all outperforming ReiserFS (3), and Reiser4 never cut the chase.

    Whenever I had to consider an FS for something, neither Reiser3 nor Reiser4 ended up in the top 3 choices. They just didn't make it.
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