Apparently this guy's pull request claims that his code is "very fast" (Official Linux github repository). I can't stop laughing looking at the file changes xD

File changes: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/...
Conversation: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/...

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    TL;DR some moron removed all the newlines and spaces from the code to "make it compile faster".

    Favorite comment:
    "10/10 best commit ever made (other than adding rm -rf / to ~/.bashrc)"
    I need to try this on someone
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    Such fast, very wow
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    has anyone checked if Linus is ok? I doubt he will be able to handle such amazing pull request. Hope he is not sad someone was able to make code better than his
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    "Just find something to contribute to"
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    @chadd17 Don't forget the --no-preserve-root tag 😂
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    Would love to see a famous Linus rant on this PR. He doesn't take PRs on GitHub anyway, it doesn't format them right.
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    kind of old at this time ^^
    you should watch his repo more often. there are sometimes a few really nice PRs :)
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    That Agnoster theme though... Sexy AF
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