So, hello. :)

I'm on my second semester of my IT degree. I'm in "Analysis and development of systems". I aways loved the world of technology, and more especific development.
The thing is, right now I work on a bank, but I'm starting to hate that thing. Stress 24h a day, and I'm doing something I don't like.
I've married a few months ago, so now I have a family to maintain, the main reason I'm waiting to get a degree before starting on my IT career (maybe it could help on getting a new job or even freelancing).
Now, I need a little help. A lot of you looks like to be working on this for some good years. What are your advices? Do I need a degree to start on my career? If quitted my job right now, even without experience on the programming world (professionally), would it be worth it?

I have little experience with freelancing, I don't think its enough to work full time on freelancing development. Should I try it? What you guys think? Or should I just drop out on work and star investing on my career?

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