I don't know how many of you here will understand/feel what I feel but here goes nothing

I'm the kind of person who's very calm and like sitting and talking to a friend over using a mobile phone or something. I mean, it's not like I don't use mobile phones at all but yeah.
At this point, I think my smartphone is just a waste of time. Whenever I'm bored or feel lazy, the first thing I do is unlock my phone and randomly see something online. Even though I have nothing important. I feel like it's almost cutting me off from the real world. Maybe in that time, instead of using the mobile for nothing, I could go talk to someone, go for a walk, exercise, think, etc. I even see group of friends sitting in a circle, but no one's talking. Only using their phones.
And let alone socializing, I think you miss a lot of "me" time as well (oh I like meditation and shit haha).

I'm thinking of switching to a non-smartphone. But still we are developers/engineers/designers, and for us to stay away from technology is not easy when we're the ones making it. I love what I do but at the same time I also want feel life.

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    I sort of agree. I use my smartphone and other tech all the time- but only a tiny part of that is communication. To the extent I hardly need the "phone" part at all.

    Even as someone with Asperger's, and not historically being extroverted, communicating online fucking sucks compared to face-to-face. I need some friends who I actually see regularly.
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    @irene haha being self sufficient is a good skill too
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    @d4ng3r0u5 Yes! Meeting friends is healthy by itself I think. Nothing beats face to face interaction
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    Guess I'm lucky.
    Hope you find good friend/people to talk with
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    @irene But are you happy with life?
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    @const I have really good friends, socializing was not the only thing I was trying to convey, I think using smartphones also kill productivity sometimes
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    @shahlin i agree on that, but it is necessary to us as you mentioned
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    @const Yeaah, that's where it gets hard.
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    @irene As in, you're happy with your decisions, happy doing what you do, not regretting and happy in general.
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    Use two phones.

    1 smartphone for work and meetings.

    1 casual phone for everyday life.
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    Smoke weed? That'll help your meditation :p
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    It's crazy to see a group of friends not interacting with each other because their phones have higher priority. It's like people are not interesting enough anymore.

    Social networks offer a great deal of fantasy that keep people hooked. Like a drug.
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