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    Hahahah, its kinda tempting offer 🤣
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    First, enter your credit-card number.
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    I guess I’m weird thinking this is actually kinda cute
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    I would love to crack and extend trial for free.
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    Sure, why not!
    *opens Runasdate*
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    @devTea No, not so weird
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    And she is going to be instantly blocked for trying to scam a coder.
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    Given that your username, I'd gladly accept that offer
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    @fahad3267 you don’t hack your partner 😂😂😂
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    @fahad3267 @devTea nor do you 'crack' or 'extend' your partner 😂
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    Love it!!!
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    Free Indian tech-support included? Sign me up!
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    *Looks around the office*

    "What are you doing? Want to be my boyfriend or not?"

    "I'm just checking if there's a free & open source alternative"

    "You could try Linda from sales... but I heard she's very unstable"

    "Or I could try a pirated copy"

    "Those give you STDs"

    "Fine... I'll try you for thirty days. But you better not install any adware!"

    "As my new boyfriend, please complete these six surveys. You should take me shopping this weekend, here's an Amazon referral link"

    "God dammit, deinstall deinstall!! I'll just try to compile Linda instead!"
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    When you can't say no to an offer. kkkkkkk
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    Free trial like winrar
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    Am i allowed to use all the paid membership features? ;)
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