OMFG!! My computer rebooted.. after VS is again performing voodoo stuff on my code..can you please fucking stop reformatting everything!? OMG it's driving me crazy, I've already disabled every format option I could find.. you piss me off one more time, I'm switching to np++!!!!

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    Why don't you customize the formating feature to your needs?
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    @fuckwit same shit, gets reset every once in a while.. no clue why.. I stopped trying to understand this after 3rd time it happened..
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    N++ will popup an update dialog everytime you open it...
    Choose your weapon wisely !
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    Weird, it seems like I'm the only one not having his settings reset in any MS products nor getting any spookiness... Yet I still avoid them.
    Atom or Code::Blocks should be good enough if you decide to switch. N++ is not great as an IDE, IMO.
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    Stop using VS, you know, just saying
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    @mclayoz at least you can say no.. xD
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