Ran update query on 1m+ record without where clause. Thank god I missed the commit command or else today would have been my last day.

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    You’re not a real DBA unless you commit that transaction 😏
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    We’ve all been there πŸ˜‚
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    One lucky dev lol
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    I'm just going to assume you have backups and leave it there πŸ˜…
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    Friendly tip, as soon as you write "update", write the "where" BEFORE the table name, so that if you commit/execute it partway, it will just fail because of a syntax error instead of wiping a table.
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    @Fradow That's nice idea
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    What commit... We always use in real time. One you got GO there no going back
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    I've shared one rant before similar to this. In that case instead of me my boss did that for "password" column and in the midnight I had to send all users an email stating due to security reason we have reset your password.
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    More chances, don't miss it next time😈😈😈
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    @AnonymousDev that is genius :D
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    @billgates is that why people often seem to like MySQL/MariaDB over MS SQL Server? :P
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    @Condor well if you want to get technical... MS SQL supports it too like most DBs. I believe its called transactions

    Or the feature can be just an option on the SQL Client, like Production mode. Basically like a confirmation box.
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    @billgates I have barely any experience with databases, much less MS SQL.. so please, no :')
    Interesting to learn about this though!
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