Does anyone know if Jenkins supports PowerShell files without plugin?

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    What? it is java, running on whatever os you installed it on.
    If the underlaying os is windows, then yes.
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    @magicMirror problem is i didn't install it. we use it in my company and i'm not an admin. (the only admin is on vacation fo the next 2 weeks) i don't know if it's on a windows server. as far as i can tell it doesn't run my scripts.
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    What are you trying to do? You should be able to do practically the same stuff with normal Unix shell scripts
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    @ScriptCoded practically probably yes. but I'm "forced" to use PowerShell. It's a task from my boss
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    @KittyMeowstika Im not sure whether this will work that easily without any externally installed tools or plugins on the jenkins machine.
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    @KittyMeowstika shrug. if you can create jobs on the jenkins master/slaves then run a simple shell job, and print out the os data.
    have fun storming the castle!
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