For PowerShell on Linux

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    Well, wouldn't PowerShell make more people come to Linux? There are some people using Windows exclusively because of PowerShell. This does help with platform agnosticity (even though that's not a word).
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    @derTuca I think what it means is that Linux has 0 needs for powershell. It is something that linux will never make use of.
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    @tahnik gets it.
    @derTuca does not.

    PowerShell is for IIS admins who try to act like .NET doesn't suck.

    Most windows users that use a console/terminal emulator with any regularity use a ported, bastardized version of bash (CygWin, MinGW's MSYS, cmdr, PuTTY to ssh into unixshell, etc, etc.)

    Hell the windows dev team have even started integrating a native unix subsystem so windows can natively (not emulated or vm'd) unix binaries.
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    @rozzzly No, you do not get it.

    I for one am very pleased about this.

    It's just another shell, and if you took time to test it out (which I'm 90% sure you probably haven't) then you'd find that it works very well, even though it's in alpha.

    You think that one language that covers all bases for deployments across multiple operating systems is bad?

    Not to mention the ability to now manage Windows servers via WinRM or SSH in the future.

    I continue to be amazed by the perceived elitist superiority of Linux users on here, it's a horrible attitude and so backwards.

    You might as well start calling Microsoft 'M$' to really seal the deal of how much of a stuck in the mid nineties bore you really are.
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    Been using linux for 6 years, haven't heard of such thing..
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    PowerShell isn't bad.
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    Powershell in linux? Thats not a bad idea... as long as Powershell goes opensource :)
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    @arekxv https://github.com/PowerShell/... You are welcome! Now go and install the alpha on Linux and set it as your primary shell! 🎉
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    Boy, that didn't aged well
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