Had a job interview yesterday and I was so nervous, couldn’t think straight at all so I figured there’s no chance of me getting the job.

And just now i got an email saying they want another interview..... what? how? huh..?

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    Good luck!
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    That's good, man! Take the self-confidence boost and go get them!
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    Some people can tell the difference between nervous and incompetent. Some people are so incompetent that everyone else seems competent. Whether you want to work for the company might depend on which of these people the interviewer(s) turns out to be.
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    @powerfulparadox I honestly felt very incompetent after that interview, for example he asked me to explain binary search and i explained a binary search tree for some reason and i literally implemented binary search last week.. Honestly without a doubt the worst interview I’ve ever done so I’m still not sure why they would possibly want a second one 🤷‍♂️
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    I'd say they noticed you were nervous and want to give you another chance. That's a good thing because they have spotted something that sparked their interest.
    Good luck, man.
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