whenever i see a job with the requirement of Bsc in computer science or any equivalent

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    Whenver I see the sea near where I saw a See-saw, near a poster for the latest saw movie, where I saw the lead of saw on the poster I had seen.
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    @zombieleet Well you edited it. I can sea that.
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    What’s wrong with a B.S. Computer Science?
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    @growling a lot if you don't have one and the employers requires it. It's even worse if the job itself doesn't really need that, like admin or most parts of web dev.
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    @Fast-Nop just send them a CV anyway. If you have enough experience they might take you.

    If you work for officials stuff like an university they are legaly required to employ either students or people with a B.Sc or such for some positions and can't do much about it. So that exists also, at least here.
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    I agree with the other ranter. Send your CV either way man!! Sometimes it is just their hr who posts that shit without really knowing. If you go past them the devs might be more willing to work based on your previous experience.
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    Dude, you can apply anyways. I have a degree, but it's not even written on my CV, and I still get offers. If you're good at what you do, people with a little bit of brain will see it.
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