I Have 2 Questions.
A. does anyone here look down on webdevs?
B. Any Good project Ideas (For Electron.js)

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    Second one's missing a question mark.
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    A. I don’t
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    the only devs i look down and/or spit on them:
    1. dev(s) of the IE-bug that miscalculates margin and padding
    2. NSA/GCHQ/ZITIS/... devs
    3. devs of these "Security"-Companies that develop spionage-software.
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    A. I 💓 webdev
    B. don't use electron lol it's so fucking bloated. writing a chat app? well it also will come with userland Xbox 360 controller support built right in, and you have no choice in the matter.
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    A: They deserve props for working with CSS & HTML, because fuck both of those pieces of shit.
    B: Frontend webapp that allows users to request documents from an external organisation, keeps track of requests using tickets, graphs and diagrams about ticket details, has search functionality for stored documents, and stores the documents using cloud storage.

    Or is that a bit too much?
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    A. I hate webdev in general but I don't look down on it, it's simply a different set of things and sometimes pretty useful to know.
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    B: Write a self-destroying Electron App
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    A. No
    B. Isn't electron.js s way for webdevs to build desktop apps?
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    @mundo03 yes but it sucks
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    B: What about a minimalistic markdown editor😂
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    File explorer with a proper dark mode for windows
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    2. switch to Qt/GTK+
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