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    I don't understand what tipping has to do with the algorithm though.

    Like isn't that up to the passenger? (I've never used Uber, take it easy on me lol)
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    I think what he means is that by telling people he know how to program, he gets higher tips...
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    @Stuxnet He gets more trips. I misread it too
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    @MrWouter 🙃🙃 thanks lmao
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    Nah, if he actually knew the algorithm he wouldn’t be driving Uber. He’d be smart enough to work at any top tech. He’s probably talking about the higher level understanding of the algorithm
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    I call bullshit
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    Uber algorithm? All Uber does is match drivers and passengers. Much algorithms.

    Though Uber does have a big presence in the AI and data analysis field (we share with them our trips so...), as far as the Uber app goes, it's really the UI/UX that's the challenge.( as far as I know)

    I've watched Uber's engineers talking about their app. And the complicated part is how many "flows" it has. Because you can adjust options at any point between the screens, from finding a cab to getting into one, which makes steps in the flow too tightly coupled, as in each screen needs to know about the existence of the others, which makes for headaches.

    The major challenge for Uber was to overcome that problem.

    Watch the video about Uber-RIBs if you wanna get an idea. It's very neat actually.

    Also really nice of them to open source that research!
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    This sounds like a parallel to google search optimization insofar I do believe he can 'trick the algorithm'
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    @groenkek that’s actually a good analogy!
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    I think he\she decompiled the Android apk 🤣
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    Pretty sure I made more doing VB programming not too long ago.
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