I used to use WinBtrfs on Windows to get away from the clusterfuck that is NTFS on my WD Elements. But today I figured.. why? Why not just mount the drives to my file server already? I mean even over a USB 2.0 link, a USB 3.0 drive will perform decently. Not as good as my RAID-0 array there for sure, but still. So, that's it.. fuck it. Done with trying to get WanBLowS to adapt to my needs. Decent drives for a decent operating system, all the 10TB straight to my file server!! Then WanBLowS can go jerk itself in its clusterfuck of NTFS and SMB shit, while the actual grunt work is done by something that's at least reliable and won't shit itself - Linux. As it should be done!!! Trying to get WanBLowS to manage something more important than browsing the Phasebuk, what was I even thinking?!

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    Your struggles with Windows mounting drives of huge size and varying filesystems is teaching me so much though! Namely, not to do it :P
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    Who browses Facebook nowadays anywayπŸ˜‚
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    @Diactoros eh, not too huge.. huge would be petabytes or exabytes XD

    One thing that I did run into however, is the amount of drives it can mount.. only 26. Sounds like a lot but it really isn't, once you mount a lot of network shares from here and there. That's something that really boggles my mind.. why Microsoft, why limit your OS to just the alphabet? Sure there's fused mounts and stuff like that, but that's kinda filthy when it's directory structures along with drive letters. It's either one or the other, not both.

    And then there's NTFS of course.. completely incompatible with Linux filesystems like btrfs, even through Samba which should abstract these things. Posix compatibility in NTFS? 0, nada, none!! Every fucking thing in Windows is such a huge clusterfuck to interface with other operating systems. What Apple is in hardware, Windows (no, Microsoft!! Because Hotmail is certainly one of them on the postmaster side too) most certainly is it in software. Perhaps even more so. And don't even get me started on its instability...
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    And reinstalling WanBLowS. Because apparently it can't even properly do network communication now in a pace that's faster than fucking postal mail and "have you tried turning it off and on again" didn't do shit! WORTHLESS FUCKING ABOMINATION OF AN OS!! BRING NADELLA HERE AND I'LL CUT HIS FUCKING GUTS OFF, AND DRENCH THE WOUND IN FUCKING BLEACH!!! 😑

    Edit: reinstallation without network of course. I don't want this shit OS to "accidentally" wipe my drives or phone home a "machine inventory". Shut up already, WanBLowS 10!!!
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    Ain't that too risky? I know I wouldn't gin windows access to *all* my data... All the viruses, ransoms, fisky windows updates deleting all files, etc....
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    Someone is really angry with Windows today... I hope you're not scaring people away from your apartment block with your profanities. πŸ˜‰
    Here's a cookie to sweeten your day: πŸͺ
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    @Condor Since you're reinstalling today, have you tried the latest Windows 10 LTSC 2019? At least you'd avoid some bullshit.
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    @Qaldim that'd be a win actually πŸ™ƒ

    @Jilano I've just restored from disk, but I'll keep it in mind for next time that Windows shits itself.. probably in a few months or so, as usual in my "extremely exotic" setup πŸ˜‚
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    @Condor Haha, noted!

    I plan on testing it this afternoon. If I manage to do so, I'll tell you if there are any new ways of fucking it up :D

    PS: You need a new KMS to activate it, by the way. The old one doesn't seem to do the trick apparently.
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    @Condor Out of curiosity, do you have access to a copy of Win Server 2012 or 2016? I was fortunate enough to leave my last Windows based job and get work in a Linux based cloud, but I remember having an in house SAN attached to Win Server 2012R2 and it working like a charm. Perhaps there are features available in Server that interface with more drives/support the functionality you’re looking for?
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    @Diactoros unfortunately I don't have a copy of that, but maybe @Linux does?
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    @Condor I’ve got an unrestricted Server 2016 somewhere, I got it last year while still a student (I was an old student). It’s under some kind of non-commercial license for students to learn with. I’ll see if I can compress it. Do you have an email + PGP key I can send to?
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    @Diactoros here's my PGP key (https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup/...). The subkey labeled "Personal key" is my personal email address. But ehm, why such generosity? I mean, I don't think that I'll be using it in the near future, since I tend to use Linux servers only. That's why I don't have Windows Server 2012 actually.

    Edit: ehm.. feel free to call me a braindead airhead πŸ˜… just realized that we're talking about my desktop here. Feel free to send it then and I'll try it out, haha. I'm a fucking idiot πŸ˜‚
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    @Condor I would like to point out that "mdr" in French means "Mort de rire" which is an equivalent to ROFL or close enough at least. (First thing I saw, sorry)

    Haven't got time to test W10, by the way. I'll try this week.
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    @Jilano oh, they're just my real name's initials actually. I didn't know about the French use though.. the more you know! With that said however, I've revoked that subkey because I don't really use my Outlook account anymore for anything but legacy purposes. But unfortunately I can't remove the subkey.. apparently it breaks the PGP Web of Trust.
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    @Condor Oh well, let it rot somewhere on their server :D
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    @Condor Haha no worries! I’m barely using it as is, I was playing with HyperV server and wanted to compare the Server 2016 datacenter editions support for virtualization. Since it’s a full copy and the software costs so much I figured why not let some who will put it through the wringer use it? It’s AM US time and I’m heading to work, but I will see if I can compress the 8GB monstrosity of an installer and send it on over tonight!
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