Did they fire Jony Ive and we all missed it?
Seriously, I'll have to stick to my iPhone 6 one more year, with every single android fanboy making my life miserable for having an outdated phone!
And those stupid airpods...
What the hell, cutting off the bloody wires doesn't make them exactly the next big thing, more like the dumbest!

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    what bothers me about the earbuds thing is that wireless earbuds aren't rlly an improvement (heck I swear they're more annoying since you have to charge them) so forcing people to use them is a little ridiculous. Whereas in the past when they got rid of the floppy drive for CDs it was because CDs were better.
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    @Trejak CDs weren't really better though. Sure they came with a lot more storage but in the beginning you couldn't write to them.

    But after the floppy was killed off people started developing better tech for CDs, including RW and DVDs
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    While killing the floppy in favor of the CD ROM drive the tech to improve,i really can't see a logical improvement for personal audio that cutting the wires fixes. And if the improvement is driving wireless audio forward, I already see enough people wearing Bluetooth headphones that it more seems like Apple is just trying to say they created it and the need.
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    @psion1369 well there's a good business reason to push Bluetooth headphones. Guess who's the largest Bluetooth manufacturer? It's made by this guy who calls himself a doctor.

    And guess who owns them? It's a company named after a fruit
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    All that being said I do think this move will improve the quality of wireless headphones. It's a simple demand and supply problem
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    I can use Bluetooth phones in android too...
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    Guys, there's no point to be made, just wanted to take it off my chest.
    But seriously, for a corporation that took pride on every detail, launching some wireless phones that look exactly like the wired ones... They hit the bottom of the pit!
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