Zomato is down! No dinner for me, I guess! XD

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    What's zomato?
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    Zombie tomatoes 😱
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    @irene lol

    Zomato is a food delivery service. Pretty popular here in India.
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    @Codex404 if you visit india once, try it! It's fantastic, you get your cold smoothie delivered by motorcycle within 8 min for 1.5 dollars. I wish I could do that in here in Switzerland where the minimum order price is $20 😕
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    That's what happens when they have a sale in India and they don't anticipate the traffic.
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    @randomnumber yeah, I don't understand how they don't match their infrastructure capabilities against the population of india trying to order in when they have a 50% off sale (no questions asked). Faced this with Swiggy as well, on multiple occassions.
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