I am looking for self driven, software engineers that would like to be apart of something with a lot of potential. We are a startup, of friends with the same goals. Our experience comes from many years of embedded automotive industry and robotics. We are currently all contributing our time as sweat equity and looking for others that are willing todo the same. We work on the project in our spare time. We have shares to give to individuals that are willing to jump in with us.
The project long term "End goal" is AGI. Right now we are working on the Operating System that will be the "brains" behind the AGI. Our philosophy is if True AGI is ever to happen it wont be running on Linux, mac or windows. It will be it's own system.
We all are learning different aspects as we go.
The project is not open source for particular reasons and at this point in time we have no plans to go there either.
We are willing to teach and bring up to speed individuals who don't have a lot of experience, but understand basic concepts.
We are using C, C++, ASM as the language.

We dont require degrees and never will.
Its the mindset and drive of the individual that makes the cut.

Also looking for Web Developers who would also like to contribute the same way.

Anyone interested please contact me at chris@quantico.xyz

This is also the first Public announcement regarding our opportunity.

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    Yeah, I'm gonna be apart from this startup 😀
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    @netikras looking forward to hearing from you.
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    What is agi?
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    @irene Artificial General Intelligence... not the type everyone is doing the limited scope "weak" ai like Siri and the rest
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    Did you change the BG of the image. Just now it was black 😮
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    @ceee Lol we have a black background one and white background one... and I can never make up my mind which i like to use.
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    @QuanticoCEO oh I see. Dreamer are you.

    Sounds good. Won't work.
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    Good luck finding people that will donate time without money to this.
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    @irene haha love your enthusiasm, you are the type of people we dont want. Yes it is a Dream.... but its a dream that will be attained. No it wont be tomorrow nor will be it next year. But one day it will be. And it takes a team of dreams todo such. Just like any other innovation of the past.
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    The point of an OS is to abstract the hardware and make it available to higher level. I don't see why AI would need a special OS unless you also build very special hardware that doesn't enjoy support from any existing OS.

    I would suggest to drop the OS stuff, use Linux or an RTOS (if real time capability is important to your design) and go for a POC prototype as early as possible.

    What you're doing now is wasting a lot of time on a non-issue, which just delays the POC.
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    @GMR516 funny how linux worked out isnt it. Only difference is we are offering shares... till the time comes where we can pay everyone. But when that time comes shares will no longer be an option. The only requirement for time commitment is some sort of commitment towards the project. Everyone has day jobs none of us are working on this full time. But hey lol 5 years from now when this opportunity has pasted, those who didn't jump aboard will be the ones regretting the opportunity lost. Say what you want lol but we know where we going and how to get there.
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    Interesting, but I'd need something beyond the pitch and a blank webpage to actually consider it.

    Not to offend, but right now it sounds like a variation of that friend that approaches you to develop, "The next Facebook".
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    @Fast-Nop like i said there are particular reasons for what and why we have chosen the route we are on. Reasons of which I will not be discussing online.
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    @Ellis I Understand where your coming from. And yes I have been in your shoes regarding The next this or that.
    But i can promise you this is not one of those, as nothing like this is being worked on. It not the next linux its not the next AI pattern recognizer. Not the next Siri, It is its own standalone thing.
    The webpage is blank because that is not high on our priority list right now. We dont really want this publicly accessible. This is the first public announcement since its founding early last year.
    The website will be one of the last things we focus on.
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    @Fast-Nop this, POC. Also reinventing the wheel by making a whole OS sounds... unnecessary.

    @Ellis also this, it'd be cool if you have a proper pitch. Who's behind the project? What makes it different from current solutions? Do you have a business plan in order?
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    The reality is the only thing that could be lost by any of the contributors is time. We arnt looking for "employees"... We are looking for team player contributors that one day would become employees.
    What you put into this is what you will get out of it. That will determine the success of the group.

    And yes what I am doing right now is not Kosher, typically operations like this is ran by a closes tight personal group of friends. So I can understand why this is so weird and absurd to many for this type of announcement this early on in the stage of the company. But hey we do things differently, and very non-kosher.
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    @QuanticoCEO Promises mean nothing without anything to back it up. That's why the empty website concerns me.

    Let's assume this is a pitch for Google, IBM, or some other milti-million company. You show up, make your pitch, and they ask you if you have a proof of concept (POC) or something to convince them you know what you're doing. You won't be exposing trade secrets with that, yet you don't have one. In fact, you don't even have a slideshow to present your pitch.

    I'm not any of the companies I've listed, the devs here aren't either, but like those companies, we need something to work with.
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    @JKyll except if some hardware is intended that won't run Linux. Thinking of Google's TPUs here that used AlphaZero as POC. But even then, it would make more sense to simulate them on x86 HW with powerful GPU first and test the approach with a toy problem. Leela0 doesn't have TPUs because Google doesn't sell them, so they use NVidia GPUs for the NN stuff. Of course, both are far away from the G in AGI, but that's the point of a POC.
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    @JKyll Again, making the OS is necessary. for reasons not to be discussed online.
    Who's behind the project? Nobody known, I and the other founders are funding this whole thing.
    Not much has been said about this on here for good reason, We want people so crazy and different ... willing to be like "fuck it, I'm in". Lets try something crazy. The ones not motivated by monetary gain. Motivated because of what we are doing and the potential it has.
    Obviously more information in detail can be discussed after NDA's are signed.
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    @QuanticoCEO I like the enthusiasm for fresh crazy meat, thing is you haven't said anything that's different or crazy, like @Ellis said, so far just sounds like "the next big thing" pitch.

    Let's say you were Steve J. you'd say "I'm building a personal computer", Bill Gates "the first general purpose OS" or The Zuck "I'm trashing away normal human interaction". Those sentences merit a "fuck it I'm in"
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    @JKyll I agree to that, I guess I can say the "Pitch" wasn't clear enough for those on the "outside". As this is again the first time talking to anyone on the outside has occurred. So next time, ill make sure its more thought out. That would be when the oppertunity comes to reddit, stack overflow etc. Probably next year some time. But Today I figured fuck it lets open it up to dev rant folks in a non formal way.

    My name is Chris Long, I and my team (Quantico) are building the first OS specifically designed for AI development. To be used in a later AGI System.
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    @QuanticoCEO Okay. Good luck.
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    Gotta mark it in my calendar to check up on Quantico in 5 years. Hope you won't be changing your name. Anyways, good luck!
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    @SgnfcntOverflow wont be changing it. :)
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    Do you have a business plan?
    Any type of economy guy on your team already?
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    Feels like I want to give a fuck for something crazy
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    @ravijojila we do not have anyone with economic background, we have informal buisness plan, the vision, and goal is there, the whole timeline is foggy bringing it to market all that nope.. we have a few ideas. I guess you can say it’s one big research project up to this point. That we only been focused on it rather than all the other stuff. We have no approached financial investors as we don’t want them trying to direct, skew, etc our vision.
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    @QuanticoCEO Ok, thanks for the fast reply. I like your bacground, as I work on embedded devices in c, c++, java, and I was interested to hear more about your current status. I'll keep checking for updates.
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    @QuanticoCEO there are two types of dreams: realistic and not. Guess which one is yours?

    General intelligence is impossible with a small group of random enthusiasts. That project need a huge amount of research and real scientists.
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    This isn't the first time I have come across this AI Os thing, sounds good, doesn't work , especially when we ourselves don't understand what consciousness or true intelligence is.

    Claims of AGI have already been debunked brutally, ( see cubic.ai's kickstarter pitch) and nowhere are we near to attaining it even if all the top ML researchers came together.
    As for enthusiasts, I still have to meet someone who is not enthusiastic about AI.

    Also this ' You will miss the opportunity ' is such a shitty move that I can't begin to tell how crowded the market is with these statements. If you really want to get people to contribute something for free: open source it, and always keep it that way.

    P.S.: 'Her' is a good movie btw
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    Btw.. without an actually working AGI POC based on a framework under an established OS, how do you make sure that this OS will even be particularly useful for AGI?
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